Film production tools available on Linux

Posted: July 7, 2007 in LINUX, Software


  • celtx (This has become a very robust tool over time with storyboarding, scheduling and web service capabilities having been added)
  • Open Office with the Script template.
  • Lyx with the Hollywood template (already included)


  • KBudget
  • Grisbi
  • QHacc
  • Quasar – free for one user
  • InfoFlex – commercial
  • Money Dance – very low cost commercial
  • GNU cash
  • LedgerSMB
  • SQL-Ledger – Free
  • Open Office Calc – a little like Microsoft Excel
  • Open Office Base – a database package a little like Microsoft Access
  • PC programmes running under Wine

Schedule / Project’s Manager

The program celtx listed in the “scriptwriting” section has added very nice scheduling capabilities, allowing you to tie in events with items in your scripts.


Storyboard Lite (commercial)

  • PC programs running under Wine

There are no specialised storyboarding programs on Linux but see the “Still image Creation” section below

A useful technique could be to photograph and outline your actors with a vector graphics program, then reposition them behind photographs of your locations. Check out the vector graphics section.

The program celtx listed in the “scriptwriting” section recently (as of v0.9.9) added some basic storyboarding capabilities. You would still need to create the images as explained in the previous paragraph but they can be entered into the a template within the celtx application. Notes can be added to the images as well.

Editing, compositing, grading and digital intermediate

File conversion tools

  • Avidemux2 A clone of virtualdub
  • FFmpeg a complete solution to record, convert and stream audio and video.
  • GStreamer Open source multimedia framework
  • Handbrake Convert DVDs to MPEG4/AVC
  • MPlayer/MEncoder MEncoder features a wide variety of audio/video filters and support (en)coding with most audio and video codecs
  • Transcode Transcode, another solution to convert and filter audio/video

Audio editing

  • Ardour, Protools clone, but still beta
  • Audacity (free, GPL), not very advanced, but relativly stable, lot of effects via LADSPA.
  • GNUsound (free, GPL), multitrack sound editor for gnome (1 & 2), support LADSPA for sound effects, and JACK for realtime processing.
  • Rezound (free, GPL) PowerFull audio editor
  • Wired (free, GPL)



3D Free

stop motion

2D Free


  • jlipsync (free, GPL)
  • papagayo (free, GPL)
  • yolo (free,GPL) and Compatible whit Moho and Magpie Timesheet


VCD & SVCD Authoring

  • GNU vcd imager (free, GPL) VCD (VideoCD) BIN/CUE CD image creation and ripping tool
  • qVCDgear (free, GPL) QT frontend to VCDgear
  • tovid (free, GPL) (S)VCD and DVD authoring utilities
  • VCDautomenu (free, GPL) VCD menu generation tool
  • VCDgear converts from and to (S)VCD and mpeg, and does mpeg corrections.

DVD Authoring

  • dvdauthor (Free, GPL) (command line)
  • ‘Q’ DVD-Author More then just a dvdauthor frontend. Easy to use and intuitive. Key technologies: Templates, Animated Menus, MovieButtons, MovieBackgrounds, Transcode, Multi format DVDs, Slideshow creation, Subtitles.
  • dvdstyler Cross platform dvdauthor frontend (Windows and Linux)
  • ManDVD (Free, GPL)
  • DVDLab (using WINE) (Commercial)
  • KDE DVDAuthor Wizard wizard to create DVD from MPEG-2 files
  • kmediafactory template based dvd authoring tool
  • Linux Video Maker graphics interface (GUI) for transcode, mplex, DVDAuthor etc …
  • polidori Development stalled in 2004. frontend to dvdauthor
  • tovid (Free, GPL) (S)VCD and DVD authoring utilities
  • varsha free, java.
  • videotrans a set of scripts that allow its user to reformat existing movies into the VOB format that is used on DVDs

Streaming video

  • Fenice (free, GPL) Open Media Streaming Server formats: mpeg1,4 & ogg/theora for video
  • FFmpeg (free, GPL), ffmpeg read, convert and stream videos in various formats.
  • Flexcast (free, GPL) Stream most of video and audio format.
  • Flumotion (free, GPL), A streaming media server written in python.
  • GStreamer (free, GPL) streaming and convertion.
  • Icecast (free, GPL), stream video (ogg/theora) and audio in various formats.
  • jroar (free, [L]GPL) A java stream cache.
  • Open Media Streaming Project (free, GPL), A project about a whole streaming plateform.
  • Palantir (free, GPL) for streaming with low-end computer
  • VLC (free, GPL) from Videolan Project, to stream and broadcast any source on a Local Area Network.
  • VobStream (free, GPL) a DVD network streaming application

p2p video streaming for low bandwidth

  • freecast (free, GPL), p2p java streaming Ogg Theora video stream provided by Flumotion.
  • Peercast (free, GPL) Support for MP3, OGG Theora and Vorbis, WMA, WMV and NSV


  • Ksubtile GPL
  • Orange Slice, SSA, ASS, SUB, SRT subtitles format (abandonned project since 2005-01-14)
  • Sabbu, ASS, SSA subtitles format
  • Subtitlefix corrects subtitles (*, *..sub) which are not synchronized with the film.
  • USF The Universal Subtitle Format
  • Subtitle Editor ASS, SSA, SubRip, MicroDVD, MPL2, MPsub, SubViewer2.0
  • Gaupol Subtitle editor
  • Gnome Subtitles A subtitle editor for the GNOME Desktop.

Audio/Video Container/Codec

  • Dirac Dirac is a video codec.
  • FLAC Free Lossless audio codec.
  • Matroska The extensible open standard Audio/Video container.
  • NUT A free container for the masses.
  • Ogg Vorbis Ogg Vorbis is an audio compression format.
  • Snow Snow is an experimental lossy video codec.
  • Theora Theora is an open video codec.
  • Wavpack WavPack is a completely open audio compression format providing hybrid compression mode.
  • XviD XviD is an ISO MPEG-4 compliant video codec.

Specialized and “Ready to use” distribution

  • Caster Caster is a LiveCD whose purpose is for streaming.
  • Dynebolic (Free, GPL) most of Linux free products for video, dj, animation, on a LiveCD
  • Garbure (Free, GPL), Several specialized distributions on LiveCD, video, animation, audiovisual performances…
  • Mediain Linux (Free) GNU/Linux LiveCD with additional multimedia packages
  • Elive GNU/Linux LiveCD and distribution, includes cinelerra CVS by default and more applications on their repositories
  1. munkii says:

    hey, you forgot Kmymoney from the “Budgeting” apps list, i use it even though i’m a gnome user!

  2. cecepswp says:

    I discover that list on wiki, n’ still search more apps from another site.
    But I appreciate if U give more apps information about that

    Thx for Kmymoney 🙂

  3. makasIh Taz info’y Gan,,

    btw kunjungi situz ane ea gaN

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