Musix GNU + Linux 1.0 R2

Posted: July 7, 2007 in LINUX, Software


After 2 years of hard work, the Musix project team is proud to announce the release of the first stable version of Musix.

Musix is a 100% Free Multimedia Operating System derived from Knoppix and Debian/Stable, designed for artists as well as general users. Musix is specialized in audio and music production, but it also includes high quality software for graphics, video edition and many other tasks.

This new release includes the Linux Kernel 2.6.21. The documentation was updated and many important applications were upgraded (among those: Ardour, Rosegarden 1.5.1 and the Musix’s Control Panel). Some new programs were also installed (MScore, Nekobee and more). Many bugs were corrected and some new functionality added.

The start-up system has been improved, (the “knoppix” boot argument and other options were added).

The graphical artwork in the user interface and the functionality were improved: now it is really easy to change colour themes. KDE and GNOME applications look almost identical using the same colour palette and icon theme (crystalsvg). Now applications like The GIMP (GTK2) and Rosegarden (KDE) appear user-friendlier.

Software featured in Musix 1.0 R2 includes: Ardour 0.99.3 & Ardour (audio sequencer), Rosegarden 1.5.1 (audio/midi sequencer), Cinelerra (video edition), Bluefish (web design), The GIMP (image manipulation), Inkscape (vectorial graphic design), Blender3D (3D rendering and animation), Musix Control and more.

Rosegarden 1.5.1

Musix is concluding its “0.xx” stage by achieving all the proposed objectives set at its creation 2 years ago:

* 100% Free Software (create awareness about freedom in technology)
* System dedicated to educative/didactic tasks
* To serve as a demonstration distribution (the “Live CD” is very useful in that sense)
* Simple to use for any user (beginner or experienced)
* To offer clear and updated documentation about music applications in Spanish,
   beginner texts for inexperienced users and documentation on
   the philosophy of free software.
* To be used as a desktop GNU/Linux distribution
   (Internet, office, graphic design, games, etc.)
* To include MIDI virtual instruments in the same CD, so users can start making music
   straight away, without needing to look for        sounds/instruments elsewhere
* Fully translated into Spanish and with support for other languages
* Compatible with the Debian free repositories
* Hard Disk-installable
* To use a Kernel prepared for multimedia
   (and be able to run audio applications as a normal user)

Download  :

–  from

–  Direct download: MusixGNU+Linux1.0r2_Stable.iso

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